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I support BIPOC, Queer, parents seeking to heal or continue healing from imposter syndrome, burn out, dissociation, feeling disconnected to self and those recovering from childhood and racial traumas. I love supporting parents and caregivers who want to deepen their spiritual practice and relationship to self and their children.


I draw on child & family psychology, transpersonal psychology and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT).


I integrate communications skill building, meditation, visualizing, dreamwork, music, art, somatic skills, talk therapy, mindfulness-based stress reduction and dialectical/behavioral skills. Some clients enjoy incorporating tarot cards to enhance our dialogue. 


When we work together, we'll begin with an assessment of your needs. As we explore your strengths and areas of growth, we will identify belief patterns to develop more self-compassion, self-love, and awareness. This awareness can assist you in strengthening your mental, emotional, and spiritual health as well as your relationship with your child (ren ).

When appropriate, I will suggest therapeutic exercises that we can explore together and in between sessions.

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$150 per session   
$170 per family session

"Forgiving is not forgetting, forgiving is remembering without pain." -Celia Cruz


Parent and caregivers support

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