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Therapist and Yogi

Hi, I am Magdalene. 

I am a Afro-latinx, bilingual, Dominican-American, first generation, queer woman with a passion for healing, therapy, activism, dance, education, yoga and spirituality.

I am a spiritual social justice activist. I have a limitless amount of pride and joy to share with my clients. 


Celebrating all bodies and all forms of expression are a couple of my core values. Feeling present and in love with our bodies is an important aspect of our emotional wellbeing and the collective liberation.

Yoga and mindfulness have taught me to be present with the feelings in my body. I began practicing yoga many moons ago. It was a time when I felt insecure about my body and my existence. Years ago, I started incorporating mindfulness, and it has already drastically changed my relationship to my emotions. I have learned to make space for feelings without judging them or pushing them away. ​Dance is a channel for expressing joy, anger, sorrow and love.

Psychotherapy has allowed me the space to incorporate all my loves (yoga, dance, justice, & psychology) to heal my wounds and support others in healing themselves. 

I love being a conduit of healing for others because I feel joy when I see others in joy. When you heal, I heal too. We are in this together. 

I look forward to hearing from you soon. 


"Siempre trato de que haya una conexión con lo que es la raíz, con lo que es el folclor, con lo que es mi país." -Carolina Camacho

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